Navigating the Psychedelic Space as a Black Woman Entrepreneur: A Journey of Triumph and Tribulations

I recently had an eye-opening conversation that reminded me of the uniqueness and complexities of being a Black woman entrepreneur in the psychedelic space.

As entrepreneurs, we often tread uncharted paths, forging our own destinies and defying norms. Yet, for some of us, the journey is more than just a personal endeavor—it’s a statement against systemic challenges and an assertion of our identity. I recently had an eye-opening conversation that reminded me of the uniqueness and complexities of being a Black woman entrepreneur in the psychedelic space. It was during an interview for a student’s research study, and as I shared my experiences, I realized the profound impact of my presence in a predominantly white and male industry. Also being a psychotherapist, I often forget I am an entrepreneur and there is more to my professional identity than being someone’s therapist. 

When I embarked on this entrepreneurial journey within the psychedelic sphere three years ago, I knew the road wouldn’t be easy. However, it wasn’t until I began answering the interview questions that I realized just how much of a unicorn I am—a trailblazer in an industry that has rarely seen faces like mine. It was a moment of both pride and sadness, as I reflected on the weight of my achievements juxtaposed with the challenges I’ve faced.

Success often paints a beautiful picture, one that hides the struggles and sacrifices we make behind the scenes. The image of triumph can overshadow the uphill battles, the isolation, and the adversity that come with carving a path in spaces that aren’t accustomed to diversity. Being a Black woman entrepreneur in the psychedelic field requires not only entrepreneurial skills but also resilience, determination, and a deep connection to one’s roots.

The conversation took a poignant turn when I asked the student how many Black women entrepreneurs he had interviewed in the psychedelic space. His response— “You are the first”—struck a chord. It was a sobering reminder of the scarcity of representation in an industry that could greatly benefit from diverse voices and perspectives. As I reflected on this revelation, I couldn’t help but feel a mixture of pride and sorrow. Pride in being a trailblazer, yet sorrow for the countless barriers that have kept others like me from pursuing their dreams.

In the midst of my own journey, I acknowledge the privilege and blind spots that sometimes shield me from fully comprehending the realities of my experience. It’s essential for me to recognize the sacrifices of those, including ancestors, who came before me, whose struggles and resilience paved the way for my opportunities today. Yes, there are moments when the challenges seem insurmountable, and the thought of giving up crosses my mind. But the conviction that “to whom much is given, much is required” fuels my determination to press on.

Towards the end of the interview, a pivotal question arose: did I want my name to be mentioned? In that moment, conflicting thoughts raced through my mind. Part of me wanted to fade into anonymity, sparing myself the vulnerability of being seen. Yet, a more profound realization surfaced—a realization that my visibility could be a source of inspiration for others who are often underrepresented and overlooked. The prospect of another aspiring entrepreneur, someone who shares my background, stumbling upon my name and story and finding solace in the fact that they are not alone, outweighed any reservations I had.

In a world that needs diversity of thought, experience, and perspective more than ever, being a Black woman entrepreneur in the psychedelic space is not just about my success; it’s about a collective success that paves the way for others. My journey, while at times overwhelming, is a testament to the strength of my ancestors, the support of my community, and the potential for change that each of us carries within.

So, I continue to navigate this intricate journey, embracing both the challenges and triumphs, knowing that every step I take is a step forward for those who will come after me. And as the first in this research study, I aspire to be a catalyst for change, to create a path that others can follow, and to shine a light that reminds us all that no dream is too audacious, no space too unconventional, and no aspiration too far-fetched.

With gratitude,


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  1. Candace you’re truly a trailblazer in your field. I attended your private women’s group session which made me feel safe to discuss traumatic things that I have went through and been holding onto and allowed me to start the healing process.

  2. Coming from a former professional writer, trust me when I say that this is well-written. Great job opening up!

  3. This practice of altered states of consciousness is our birth right. It is our heritage. Let us remember this whenever we get the sensation of being othered in the space. Thanks for being public about your journey

  4. So insightfully written. You are hitting so much here.
    This reminds me the We Are the Medicine. “I can’t help but feel pride and sorrow “ Whew!

    Thank you for your openness and continued work in paving the way.

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