Mental health entrepreneurial coaching

Jurnee Mental Health Consulting, LLC works with mental health professionals who are interested in expanding their services beyond private practice but may need clarity and support on where to begin.

The inner wisdom, brilliance, and confidence that is needed to become a mental health consultant is already within your possession. Jurnee Mental Health Consulting, LLC wants to assist you leveling up and becoming your best entrepreneurial self! These services include:

Becoming a Six-figure Business

Utilizing my own personal experience of turning a five- figure business into a six figure business to best help support you in being able to do the same.

Discovering Community and Networks

Helping you to identify your professional support network and identifying the importance of a business community.

Exploring Imposter Syndrome

Getting curious about the roots of imposter syndrome and helping you navigate this in a way that helps you overcome and move out of your own way. Supporting you with becoming your own cheerleader!

Finding Your Why

Identifying your expertise and mental health specialty. Exploring the creative ways in which you can offer skills and talents to your community, in addition to being a psychotherapist.

I invite you to sign up for a 15-minute free discovery call to explore alignment and if these services are right for you.

Following our 15-minute free discovery call, There will be an individualized consulting package specifically created for you and your specific needs. The services provided are rooted in cultural awareness and humility. Jurnee can support you whether you are just a mental health consulting business just beginning or if you have a business that needs support expanding. Sign up below to schedule a free 15 minute discovery call!

One on One Consultation Call

This is for the individual looking to start their mental health consulting business or looking to expand an existing mental health consulting business.

Time Commitment: Minimum 6 weeks for 60 minutes per session

Consultation Discussion Topics:


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